since its inception as a collaborative office in new york and berlin in 2001 urbanautics has been working on a vast variety of design, architectural, urban and strategy projects and has realised individual and sustainable solutions to a wide range of programmes. urbanautics’ competence lies within methodical thinking and working processes which sensitively and sensibly answer all architectural issues to the last detail in an integrated manner. urbanautics is not specialized in any particular architectural field, but aims to deliver unusual custom-tailored architectural products and innovative environmental design solutions with specific qualities.

committed to producing progressive architectural solutions, urbanautics maintains an intimate interactive dialogue between client, collaborators and selected experts and consultants to ensure that the collective range of experience and capabilities allow for a distinctive understanding and approach towards the specific objective and its environment at every stage of the design process. sensuality of space and material, as well as the mastery of up-to-date technology and the intelligent use of existing resources of every kind are the focus of work. urbanautics’ projects are always inspired by and tailored to the specifics of their site, their brief and their client.

urbanautics’ approach is based on the notion of architecture as specific object. the attempt to fully comprehend and instrumentalize the complex relationships that the particular object engages in on its site and in its environmental context as well as in its character towards its performative demands is the main focus of the enterprise; its main aim, to then condense these complex contextual, functional, economical, ecological and technical conditions into a simple, minimal gestalt that answers to the formal aspects which emerge from the logic of the development of the architectural body. the treatment of topography, the interpretation and engagement of the given urban fabric as well as the contemporary employment of novel or local materials constitute a pool from which specific concepts are forged; by editing and selecting the endless variety of possibilities and constraints urbanautics filters out the specific qualities and traditions of these objets trouvees whilst defying pre-existing convention. the design process is then driven to the last detail by this conceptual idea, which was developed via the observation and analysis of the selected qualities, and is constantly formulated in the process. concentrating on the essence, traditional typologies and forms are consistently questioned conceptually while being continuously calibrated by contemporary performance criteria.